For over 100 years, the Saskatoon Funeral Home has responded to the needs of Saskatoon people of every faith and every walk of life. The late William A. Edwards founded the business in 1910, the start of a proud history as Saskatoon's longest serving locally-owned, family-operated, full service funeral and cremation provider to trace its roots to the beginning days of our city.

The people of Saskatoon Funeral Home understand the profound importance of their work. Throughout the firm there is a dedication to learning and adopting the best practices in our profession as well as always leading the way with new innovations and programs to serve the community.

We remain steadfastly committed to compassion, dignity, integrity and professional excellence.

Centrally located downtown at 4th Avenue and 25th Street Saskatoon Funeral Home can assist with a full range of services including pre-planning, traditional and non-traditional services for all faiths and philosophies, memorial services and complete assistance for unplanned circumstances such as a death occurring in a foreign country.

Round the Clock Guardianship

Only Saskatoon Funeral Home has an attendant on-site 24 hours a day providing round the clock guardianship guaranteeing those taken into our care are never left alone, as well as providing immediate response to all calls regardless of the time.

Just one call will enable you to look after many important details.