Chung Wong

Obituary of Chung Wong

Chung Wong
August 24, 1920 - May 8, 2023

Mrs. Chung (nee Seto) Wong passed away peacefully into the loving arms of our Lord on May 8, 2023, with her family members by her side at the St. Paul’s Hospital.  Chung was born August 24, 1920 in the town of Chek Hum, Kai Ping, a city in the Province of Guongdong , China. She was born into a rather well-to-do family who was into fish and rice trading and was the fifth of 6 children. Her father passed away early, and her mother arranged for her to marry Mr. Shek Kui Wong in 1936 to lessen the burden on the family, together they have 2 sons and a daughter. Life in the village was hard, often involved manual labour in the field and carrying heavy loads. After immigrating to Hong Kong in 1954, life was also difficult and poor, she needed to do different jobs to supplement the family income, jobs including street selling as a hawker and working in clothes factory.  Also, she helped out in the family garment workshop business.  She did not attend school much, but had a very sharp mind, smart and eager to learn, sewing clothes and duvet or knitting sweater and scarf by hand were all self learned, with clever use of resources, using waste materials to make all kinds of children’s toys and household items, never complained about hard work and always strife to achieve the best, even without much sleep or rest. She loves planting and dim sum making, resulting in many complements and she rejoiced in bringing others happiness. She was warm and welcoming, very eager to help, mindful and helpful to others in need, and built-up excellent relationships with colleagues, friends and neighbours, they are almost like families. 

In 1982 she migrated to Canada, living with her daughter in Saskatoon and started looking after her grandchildren. She came to know the Lord Jesus, and since she loved children and was very popular among kids, she started to help with baby sitting in the Church and helped looked after children of brothers and sisters who needed to go to work. In the past she had much painful experiences, including the passing of her adult son, she looked for inner peace but was lied to. After receiving the Lord, God changed her view on life, and she was able to face them with thanksgiving and joy. “Thanks to the Lord” became a phrase she often used, knowing that the Lord will guide and keep her in everything. After the age of 86, she went through 2 big surgeries and one emergency admission for treatment, she came close to death but each time she completely recovered, God’s blessing allowed her to live another 16 years, until she passed away this year at the age of 102. Four years prior to her passing she moved into a nursing home. The staff and residents loved her because of her happy and funny ways that brought them much joyous moments. During her last days in the hospital, she would still smile whenever her body allowed, her heart was filled with joy and peace from the Lord,  knowing that meeting the Lord would be a wonderful thing, there is no fear in love.

Families and friends will miss her dearly. Her son in Hong Kong ¬¬Yui Lun (Tsui Yim Fun), grandson Simon (Wendy Wu), great granddaughter Megan and great grandson Jocab, grandson Richard (Maisy Hau);  daughter in Canada Jennie, grandson Eldon  and Jonas Ma, together with many relatives and friends in North America, Hong Kong , China and Australia, will truly miss her forever.  

The family gratefully acknowledges the love and care of the staff given to Chung during her residency at the Circle Drive Special Care Home.  Special gratitude also go to the Doctors and all the nurses for their love and care given to Chung during the last stage of her life at St. Paul’s Hospital.

The Funeral Service will be held on May 23, 2023, Tuesday 11:00 a.m. at Saskatoon Funeral Home (338 Fourth Avenue North, Saskatoon) with Rev. Wilson Kaan officiating.
In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the charity of your choice.

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