Meet Our People

The people of Saskatoon Funeral Home understand the profound importance of their work. Throughout the firm there is a dedication to learning and adopting the best practices in our profession as well as always leading the way with new innovations and programs to serve the community.

Our company truly is our people, and we are proud of those who have worked with us in the past and today. Their commitment to the profession and the families we serve is truly commendable. Our success is not achieved through the strength of one individual but through the combined efforts of many over a long period of time.

Funeral directors, clerical staff, maintenance, reception and parking lot attendants - everyone is important and has a role in adding value to our services, all with one common mission of providing the finest in Funeral Services and understanding care with compassion, dignity, integrity and professional excellence.

Our Staff

Bill Edwards

President and Funeral Director

Morgan Edwards

General Manager, Funeral Director, Embalmer

Carla Binsfeld

Edwards Family Centre and Reception Manager

Karen Bergen

Maintenance Manager

Lance Bergen

Funeral Director and Embalmer

Kaylee Sawatzky


Lynn Constantinoff

Funeral Director and Embalmer

Roland Dumont

Evening Attendant

Sharon Gilroyed

Accounting and Administration Manager

April Olm

Funeral Director and Embalmer

Paul Sander

Evening Attendant

Don Sheppard

Funeral Director and Embalmer

Gerry Mitchell

Funeral Director and Embalmer

Sue Panattoni

Funeral Director and Celebrant

Lauren Perryman

Preplanning Specialist

Quintina Hilton

Executive Assistant

Carla Lysyshyn

Funeral Director and Embalmer

Kevin Welsh

Fleet Manager

Sylvia Sheppard

Accounting Administrator

Maureen Slack

Accounting Administrator