Saskatoon Funeral Home Hosts uplifting presentation by Dr. Sharen Barboza

By: Morgan Edwards
Tuesday, September 26, 2023

The Edwards Family and Saskatoon Funeral Home are honored to have sponsored today's closing Keynote Speaker, Dr. Sharen Barboza, at the Custody and Caring Conference organized by The College of Nursing, University of Saskatchewan, in collaboration with Correctional Service Canada and other conference planning committee partners. The session was made possible though a donation from the Evelyn G. Edwards Memorial Fund. Dr. Barboza is a clinical and consulting psychologist providing monitoring, consultation, training and expert opinion regarding the delivery of mental health services in correctional settings and cultural/emotional wellness.
During the session today Dr. Sharen Barboza provided some great insights to attendees about the power of positivity and strategies to enhance personal wellbeing. All too often practitioners in the health care field provide unwavering care and support for clients and patients while neglecting their own self care and wellness.
I encourage you to check out her podcast for some quick 30 minute episodes that could make a big difference in how you see yourself, and the world around you. The podcast focusses on positivity, wellbeing and living your best life. Listen on Spotify
Or wherever you get your podcasts.
Wishing everyone a good week!
Morgan Edwards

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