Keeping Memories Alive: The Importance of Capturing Life Stories and Creating Memorial Books

By: Morgan Edwards
Wednesday, September 27, 2023


Imagine opening an old book that has been tucked away in the attic for years, and as you flip its pages, you find it’s filled with stories of your great-grandfather's life. There’s magic in reading about his first job, the way he felt when he met your great-grandmother, or how he bravely navigated challenges that life threw at him. These books do more than just tell a story – they bridge the gap between generations and ensure that the memories are kept alive forever. 

Connecting Generations
Writing a life story provides future generations with a chance to know their ancestors and also to understand the societal, cultural, and familial contexts that make them who they are. These stories offer a foundation, a sense of belonging, and a realization of their roots.

Healing and Closure
The process of creating a memorial book for someone who has passed away can be therapeutic. It helps in processing grief and provides a space to celebrate the life that once was. It can serve as a tribute, a means of honouring their legacy, and a tangible reminder of the love and memories that were shared.

A Tool for Reflection
Documenting your own life story is a cathartic experience. It provides an opportunity for reflection, allowing you to revisit your past decisions, appreciate your triumphs, and learn from your mistakes. It’s a great way to realize how far you’ve come, despite any adversity that you may have faced along the way.






Preserving Memories
Think about how old photos get faded and blurry as they age. It's the same with memories. Writing down your life story or making a memory book for someone is like taking those vivid, new photos and saving them forever. It's a way to keep the special moments, adventures, and all of life’s ups and downs from just slipping away over time.

Reinforcing Values and Lessons
Every life, in its unique way, offers lessons – whether it’s the value of hard work, the significance of kindness, or the power of perseverance. By documenting these experiences and lessons, we pass on wisdom to younger generations in the most personal and impactful manner. It's not just advice; the book becomes evidence of its worth.

Need Help Getting Started?
If you would like help to create a legacy book, contact the team at No Story Lost. They are passionate about preserving life stories and can help you craft an unforgettable book of memories. No Story Lost will take care of interviewing friends and family via phone or video-calls, to create a collection of their best stories, photos, and mementos. They also ensure the book is professionally designed and printed. The finished product will be a beautiful coffee table book that can be shared for generations to come.
If you prefer to have the interviews done in person, Carrie at Log Your Legacy will be able to help you out. She is located in the USA, but is able to travel for interviews for an additional cost. She will record the memories in either a cherished coffee table book or a tribute video to be shared with family and friends. This option is more expensive, but provides great value for those needing in-person interviews. 
If you're okay doing most of the work yourself and a less polished service and end product, Storyworth might be the right choice for you. They send weekly questions for the storyteller to answer via email. It’s up to you to write and edit your responses. After a year, these responses are bundled together in a straightforward black-and-white book. It's the most budget-friendly option, and is a good choice for those who enjoy writing and editing themselves, and are okay with a longer delay until the book is complete. 

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