Kai  Yueng Wong

Celebration of Life

10:00 am
Saturday, December 3, 2022
Saskatoon Funeral Home
338 - 4th Avenue North
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Obituary of Kai Yueng Wong

   王启源,他出生于1955年2月4日,中国广东省鹤山棠都村、一个南方农村家里。父母寄予的厚望是,要他开启希望、幸福的大门。然而,刚刚岀生的他就遇上中国大环境下他不能抗拒的时代!童年与少年的他,快乐时光乏善可陈,一片茫然地过去了。在他的心底里早就向往更远的世界,摆脱命运的残酷。在他十四岁那年,他就离开父母的庇护,步入社会接受人生的种种挑战了。但是,他没有消沉,没有迷失,而是顽强地,努力地吸收着人生属于自己的养分,就是这样,他成就了自己一个中国人所具有的品质!勤奋,刻苦。1981年6月5日,他来到了加拿大沙城,于是,他抓住了机会向着父母和自己的目标奋斗!从一开始踏上这块土地,他就遇上了语言、环境、气候、人民文化等等的挑战。他没有介意,尝试过在秋冬的天气里站在高高的建筑工地上;也尝试过骑自行车去上班。尽管在适应期里遇到种种的困难,他都迎难而上,克苦耐劳,以智慧和毅力化解困境。1982年,他入Parktown Hotel 工作,从最低做起,至七年后以头厨助理职位离开。他不但在工作上拼搏,而且以孝心对待父母,以爱心对待每一个人。他在1988年四月和与他志趣相投的女孩子温健影同谐连理,并且在以后添加了一对讨人喜欢的儿子伟良和伟德。现在,儿子们都成材了。1991年1月1日,他完了自己的一个小梦,当上了Leask Cafeteria 的老板。在那里他奋斗了近三十年,儿子们也一起见证了他的成长和成功。有了事业和家庭,他工作更加努力和拼搏。在大家都在为他的成功而感到骄傲,他也在为自己而自豪的时候,好不幸却降临了他,因疾病他离开了我们,他的生命终止于2022年11月18日。他回到了父母的身边与他们团聚了。希望他去到了天堂,得到了快乐和他该拥有的世界。在那里,他是一颗熠亮的星星!我们很难过,很挂念他,我们永远永远的爱他!


     Kai Yueng has passed away peacefully on Friday morning at the University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta at the age of 67. He was born in Heshan, Guang Dong Province, China. He grew up farming, along with his parents and 6 siblings. He immigrated to Saskatoon, Canada at 27 years old in June 1981. In Canada, he met his wife, Wen Jian Ying, and married her on April 12th, 1988. With Jian Ying, they moved to Leask, Saskatchewan in Jan 1991, where they started and ran the Leask Cafeteria for the next 29 years, raising two sons, and retiring in July 2020.

    Left to mourn his passing and celebrate his life are his wife, two sons, Andy of Calgary, AB, and Jason (Wei) of Red Deer, AB; his three brothers, Kwang Yueng (Wei Hong) and their children, Carrie and Davis of Vancouver, BC, Hoi Yueng (Ziu Hua) and their children, Gordon, Norman, and Wilson of Calgary, AB, Jai Yueng (Shao Jing) and their children, Paul, Roy, and Amy of Saskatoon, SK; his three sisters, Lau Yuet Ho (Hing) and their children, Angela and Chris of Edmonton, AB, Wong Chun Ying (Jack) and their children Diana, Michael, and Peter of Martensville, SK, and Eng Yuet Ying (Gary) and their children, Alan, Donna, and Danny of Calgary, AB. Kai Yueng was predeceased by his mother Mun Feng Hsin and father Wong Wai Shun.

    He was hard working, resilient, and bright. Due to the conditions of China growing up, he was forced to quit his education at the equivalent of grade 6 and work on the farm. Him and his family lived through extremely difficult times, known formally in the west as the Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution. He spent his childhood and young adult years learning to survive, sometimes on his own. With the little money the family had, him and his mother, and father decided to immigrate to Canada for a better life for future generations. In Saskatoon, he often worked odd jobs, including construction, antique furniture restoration, dish washing, waiting tables, and eventually cooking. He was quick to learn and realized that he could use his new skills and business savvy to provide better for his new wife and children. After starting the restaurant, he inspired and supported more families to start their own.

    He did not have much time to enjoy things outside of work, but what he did find time for he was passionate about. He learned to play Chinese chess at a young age and loved the strategy and competition. His sons can attest that even with a Rook handicap, he was impossible to beat. After moving to Canada, he even learned and enjoyed watching some winter sports, especially curling. He became an excellent cook and was particularly good at BBQ and roasting. He also loved plants and animals. He cared for a house-full of plants which are thriving, something his family hopes they can continue. He was also quite proud of his house and car, both of which he takes immaculate care of especially since he retired. He loved driving and traveling, highlighted in road trips to Ontario in 2000 and Vancouver in 2006, as well as multiple trips to Calgary and Banff.
    Kai Yueng came from a “nothing” that we cannot possibly imagine, provided for us, and taught us lessons that will ensure we never have to experience what he did. What he lived through exemplifies his will, resilience, and ingenuity, all worthy of celebration and remembrance. Along with his wife, he has raised two sons extremely proud to call him dad, who love him, and will forever miss him.

    A Celebration of life will be held on Saturday, December 3, 2022 at Saskatoon Funeral Home, 338 4th Ave North at 10:00 a.m.

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