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Obituary of Bruce Wayne Stephenson

Bruce-Wayne: Donald Stephenson’s spirit flew away and left his body behind in Saskatoon on a Monday afternoon, on January 8, 2024. He was at home in his favourite pink resting chair with his housemate and dear friend Derek by his side. Bruce was on day 3 of a powerful cold/flu/cough that got the better of his ability to breathe in combination with his life long struggle with asthma and type 2 diabetes. As he did for his life with supremely impressive health and gumption, with no shortage of self guided education, cross references and keen instinct, he courageously and perhaps wisely decided to die in a natural way without medical intervention or disturbance.

Born and raised on an Air Force base near Edmonton, Alberta, then living mini lifetimes in Ottawa, Vancouver, the eastern Townships of Quebec, Toronto (where he worked at Seekers books for 15 years) finally landing in the northern forest communities of Saskatchewan, and eventually Saskatoon, he lived about half his life in Canadian forests on his own and/or often connected with small intentional communities.

Bruce began writing poetry and songs in his early years, As he told, all starting to simply help a friend that he was only able to communicate with through poems.

He would go on to write thousands more songs, many of which he shared or posted freely with any and all who were willing to hear or participate with. He intended and still intends to have those works available for any and all to use freely as they can and wish to.

Bruce collaborated with various artists throughout his life, recording a small portion of his works which are available to experience in collaboration with his long time friend and fellow singer song writer’s widely available albums under the band name “Brian Paul D.G. And Friends!” If you ever saw them play, Bruce would often be there drumming and singing along with a rainbow hat and/or coat of many colours on!

Bruce’s mother Audrey and father Frank passed away long before him. His brother Derek lives in Toronto and his estranged sister Linda was remembered in his heart along with fully engaged efforts to find and reconcile their relationship while he was alive. Bruce had so many friends and was always making new ones. His adherence to natural wisdom, ancient traditions truth and kindness was apparent.

The last 2 or 3 years of Bruce’s life had him live with partial blindness due to macular degeneration. No  longer able to read or sing from his dozens of self published song books,  he took to memorizing and/or re-writing them all by heart, often seen singing on the corner of Broadway and 10th street in Saskatoon. Bruce was connected with countless ceremonial friends and spiritual teachings, many of which he constantly reiterated and always did his best to live and love truly by. His spirit certainly lives on in the kindness and clarity of his words and deeds in this world, and there’s no telling how much into the next.

The ceremonial wake will be held at the Saskatoon Funeral Home at 338 4th Avenue North, Sunday, January 14th from 3 - 5pm. His body will be taken to its final resting place from there at 1:30pm on Monday, January 15th from there also.

A following celebration of life poetry, music and communion ceremony/feast/jam will be held at Grace Westminster United Church at 505 10th Street East all afternoon/evening from 1-10pm on Saturday, January 27, 2024.

For info regarding a celebration of life gathering in Toronto, please contact his brother Derek via email at

Spotify links to some of Bruce's spoken word/instrumental recordings

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