About Pre-Planning

When you take the time to plan your funeral in advance you will relieve your family and loved ones of the emotional stress and financial burden a funeral can cause, so you can focus on what's important; grieving and being together in your time of loss.

The Benefits of Advance Funeral Planning

Peace of Mind: Leaving written instructions and setting aside adequate funds relieves you of worry, knowing that things will be easier on your family both financially and emotionally.

Dignity & Control: You will receive a complimentary planning guide and expert guidance, allowing you to document every detail of your final wishes, while controlling the budget.

Money when your family needs it most: Our partnership with Canada Purple Shield, underwritten by Assurant Life of Canada, is all about giving you peace of mind and security. Funds are available immediately to pay for funeral costs; no probate or unnecessary delays.

Eligibility and Flexibility: You are eligible for benefits at any age and any health condition. There are payment options to suit anyone's budget.

Shelter Funds: Money in a Purple Shield plan cannot be touched by nursing homes, lawyers, or estate fees. The interest earned grows tax free and is paid out tax free.

Portability: Accepted by, and can be transferred to funeral homes anywhere in the world.

Travel Plan: Optional, comprehensive coverage for repatriation expenses should your death occur while travelling.

The choices you make now, with clarity of mind and concern for others, are decisions made once in a lifetime. Sometimes the LAST thing on your mind should be the FIRST thing you need to think about.

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